All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

All lives matter. It is not just white lives matter nor black lives matter. Whenever any specific color of people matters, this is racial superiority. It is urgent to end racial superiority, racial segregation, racial inferiority, and racial discrimination.

This is the next protocol for the Christian Socialist Project. To reiterate for those who have not yet comprehended the Christian Socialist Party, it is a Christian political party that involves social work to counteract the very problems that are plaguing the world. All details of the Christian Socialist Party are included in the reference link below.

The Christian Socialist Party welcomes all people regardless of their race, color, or creed as long as they do not practice sorcery. All people of race, color, and creed will be viewed as racial equality. The critical race theory, introduced in the United States in the mid-1980s, must be reduced to cosmic dust. All theories of racism will be reduced to cosmic dust.

The Christian Socialist Party does not tolerate racism nor racial discrimination or segregation in any way. One of the examples of racism is using the N-word on black people, obviously the worst crimes against humanity. He who calls someone a racist word regardless of race, color, or creed is committing a crime against humanity. It is racial discrimination that divides humanity; he who does so will be segregated and cut off from the assembly of society. Whosoever discriminates against people because of their race, color, or creed will be laid off from the workforce.

No race is better than other races. An example of this was the case of Adolf Hitler's view of German people as authentic Aryans and his hatred against the Jews, all resulting in the Holocaust. The real truth is that all of us are Aryans. All races, colors, and creeds are no exception to that of the Aryans.

All religions whose ancestry is derived from Gnosis are welcomed in the Christian Socialist Party. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. are examples recognized from their ancestry from Gnosis. Any religion whose foundation is sexual alchemy leading to final liberation will be recognized as a religion by the Christian Socialist Party. However, any school or religion that teaches one to fornicate will not be recognized as a religion; these organizations will be outlawed by the Christian Socialist Party.

The poor, the weak, and the unfortunate will not be oppressed nor vexed in any way. The next protocol for the Christian Socialist Party in the next post will be taxes. In regards to taxes, we will discuss an ideal classless society where we eliminate the rich and the poor. The rich will be levied heavy taxes, and the poor will be exempted from paying taxes in order to create a classless society.

All lives matter. The racial equality of the Christian Socialist Party is solidarity. That is all...


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