Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech

It is urgent to control how we speak or post in the open, especially in the public. The same is said for Freedom of Speech. Yet...

What is the freedom of speech, ladies and gentlemen? Freedom of Speech is “the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference (” Freedom of Speech is also known as free speech.

As I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, had revealed to you from my last posts “To Blame or Not To Blame The Government” and “The Dangers and Deception of Democracy”, freedom of speech is anarchy. I also have told you that freedom without order is anarchy. However, order with no freedom is tyranny. The opposite of free speech is censorship. When there is too much censorship, there is always tyranny.

If you were on this website or any other Gnostic Website, you will notice that freedom of speech does not exist here. The same is said for the Christian Socialist Party. The same is also said for private homes, churches, mosques, and temples alike. This law is made to protect our fellow brethren from negative infections caused by grouchy people. This does not really mean that everything that you say will be censored.

What I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am really saying is that one does have the right to speak freely, yet with caution, humbleness, and respect. You are not however free to speak as you please. You can ask me any questions or point out any technical issue from or, and I will respond to you in a possible, timely manner. You have the right to comment on any compliments, and I will respond with gratitude unto you. I do however reserve the right to censor anything you say which creates an unsafe environment for our brethren readers. If you were in and, I work as a moderator to fish out anyone proven with the intent to spread an unsafe infection for our fellow readers.

Here are the common examples that I check for any signs of negative infections:

I) Derogatory Comments – any user who posts derogatory comments, intended to destroy or ruin the reputation of the original author. Derogatory comments can be name-calling, hate speech, racism, etc.

II) Naughty Language – any user who deliberately uses naughty language (a fornicating word) in the comment box after posting an article.

III) Intellectual Animal Superiority – any user that self-declares that he is always right and never wrong. The reality is that no one is always right, including me. I am known to make mistakes at times without realizing them. We are all imperfect. Your Innermost however is always right.

IV) Obstruction of Exercise of Religion – any user that commits the crime of obstructing the exercise of religion. Obstruction of the exercise of religion is a felony. The exercise of religion is helping others liberate themselves from the pains and sufferings of all the world and to reach self-realization.

V) Breach of Anonymity – any users who ask the original author, who has the right to remain anonymous, any personal questions (legal name, date-of-birth, social security number, address, location, etc.) with the intent to betrayal and breach his anonymity.

VI) Violence – any user who posts comments intended to cause harm, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. Violence may not be limited to extortion, terrorism, blackmailing, embezzlement, etc.

VII) Conspiracy theories – any user who creates a theory with the intent to seek a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act. It is also another word for “the belief that a government or an organization is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained, especially when any such involvement is denied.”

VIII) Black or Grey Magic – any user who posts grey or black tantra on my comment block as means of counter-intelligence against what I impart unto you. It is generally a felony. It also includes pornography.

IX) Gossiping – anyone who talks idly about the author. Idly itself relates to slander, disrespect, carelessness, foolishness, etc...

X) Disciplinary dictation – a misdemeanor in which a user commands or tells, with a disciplinary behavior, the author what to do.

XI) Personality – anyone posting comments which promote personality or promoting egos. As V.M. Samael Aun Weor stated: “Personality totally ruins esoteric organizations.”

XII) Criminal Activity – anyone posting, promoting, or conspiring to encourage illegal or unlawful activities. It is not limited to the following: illegal drug trafficking or dealing, human trafficking, murder, tax evasion, violence, etc.

These twelves things listed above are not and will not be tolerated. Here are the following consequences that will be taken in order once I catch you doing any or all of these twelve things above. On, any misdemeanor comments or posts that create an unsafe environment will be promptly deleted leading up to censorship. However, anyone who posts pornography (not limited to recommending fornication) on my comments section is committing a felony. Whosoever posts conspiracies to perform illegal or unlawful activities will be treated as a felony comment or post. These people will be reported leading up to persecution to the fullest of the law.

So, freedom of speech does not exist in private homes, churches, mosques, or temples. Free speech also does not exist on my blogs and my social media. In order to promote democracy unto the world, we will have freedom and order by the will of the Innermost.


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