How To Win the Heart of Your Spouse

How To Win the Heart of Your Spouse

“Are you visiting women? Don't forget your whip!” – Frederic Nietzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

How does one win the heart of one's spouse? The spouse, or the woman, is the straight and narrow path. She is the Holy Grail. The woman represents the priestess-spouse of the alchemist/magician.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have told you that the way to your spouse is brain over sex. Brain over sex is scientific chastity and sexual transmutation. The brain dominance over sex is symbolized by the Venus symbol. The Venus symbol also symbolizes the feminine symbol. It is urgent that once we receive our respective spouses, we must control our sexual energy through the whip of our willpower.

You must learn to respect the free will of your spouse. Remember: all women have equal rights as men do. If men have free will, women too have free will. Allow your spouse to be who she is, and she will allow you to be who you truly are.

How do you find your spouse? You do not. A spouse is not desired nor avoided. Instead, you let her find you. Let the woman choose a man to be her husband. Let the woman choose a man to love him. Let the woman talk to you. Let the woman live with you by her own will. Let the woman open up to you. Let the woman be who she is. Doing these things will give her free will and will show love unto her.

If you allow her to be what she wants to be, you will win the heart of your spouse. Once you win the heart of your spouse, you must train her in the arts of Gnosis with fragility. Remember, a woman is a fragile glass, for she is a receptive force. If you have sacrificed yourself for humanity on your website, show your website to your spouse.

It will be your duty to protect her from transgressors of the law. Those who transgressed against women are violators of the law. A husband must sacrifice his last drop of blood for his wife.

Be careful with this scenario: if your spouse wants to sexually connect with you, she must be taught scientific chastity first now never postponed nor delayed. Sexual energy must never be suppressed nor contained; it must be transmuted and put to use. It is urgent that she needs to control her sexual energy with the whip of willpower. Brain dominance over sex must be paramount before attempting the sexual connection. Both you and your spouse must never spill the divine energy through fornication. Teach your spouse that the way to the Garden of Eden is through immaculate knowledge, and she will believe you.

Slowly and steadily, you and your spouse must physically prepare for the immaculate knowledge. Immaculate knowledge requires great willpower to perform it correctly. Allow your spouse to sleep with you in your matrimonial bed. Remember: the matrimonial bed must be kept clean.

If you allow your spouse to be, this is how you win the heart of your spouse. She will love you if you allow her to be who she is.

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