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The Real Definition of Archaeology

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Archaeology is the Verb of the Ancients. The Verb itself is the Logos, which is the Word. John, the disciple of Jesus Christ, represents the Verb, or the Word/Logos. So Logos is Greek for the Word. This is why that John 1:1 says: “In the beginning was the Verb, and the Verb was with Theos/Elohim, and the Verb was Theos/Elohim.” The ancients represented the Greek Word Archaeos. Archaeos is the Ancients (either people, civilizations, or things). As a result, Archaeology is the Word of the Ancients.

An archaeologist is an individual who studies or looks into the Verb of the Ancients. A real archaeologist has the intuitive ability to deduce the ancient ones.

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The ancient ones (whether it is an ancient artifact, people, civilization, etc.) are a cloak to the physical senses. A cloak is veiled before your own eyes; the cloak is a garment. As a real archaeologist, you have to intuitively interpret the cloak non-linearly. Those who interpret the Ancient Ones literally will never fully understand the Ancient Ones. Only an instructed and intuitive archaeologist sees not merely the cloak, yet what the cloak covers. So, archaeology is the studying of the cloak that the Ancients left behind.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, would like to create a new word: verbly. Verbly almost sounds like verbally. To verb is to speak. To verb is to harken. To verb is to say. To verb is to cast the Logos. Verbly is an adverb for “by the way of the Logos/Word/Verb.” If you would like to comprehend the ancient language before the construction of the Tower of Babel, this ancient language that I speak of is the Golden Language or the Language of Light. The Golden Language is only acquired by awakening the fifth church or the fifth chakra. The only key to awakening the fifth church through acquiring the Golden Language is through the continuous practice of immaculate knowledge between man and wife. You would like plenty of materials covered about immaculate knowledge in Gnostic schools, websites, and especially this website.

In the field of archaeology, he does not use intellectual theories, beliefs, and dreams about archeology, for archaeology has nothing to do with theories and beliefs. He always uses a practical and investigative approach in archeology to comprehend the word of the ancients. Truly archeology is associated with ancient history. If you would like to comprehend practicality, you are free to visit Gnostic websites (see reference below), or you have the option to read my posts on juanmiriethauriel.write.as. If you want to know the truth, you must follow your Innermost (Yah-Hovah Elohim, Allah, etc.)

If you want to visit the museum, this is fine. Honing the intuitive skills of archaeology by taking on the practical approach while visiting the museum also works. Intuitively listen and study the Verb of the Ancient Ones, and this is how one is a real archaeologist.




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