The Christian Socialist Party

The Christian Socialist Party

For once, I (Juan Mirieth Auriel) consider that capitalism and communism are enemies of humanity...

I consider that capitalism and communism are bipartisan parties...

Consider how right-wing and left-wing parties are two extremes according to the Law of the Pendulum. Right-wing is capitalism, and Left-wing is communism...

If one lives in the United States, Right-Wing is Republicans, and Left-Wing is Democrats. Any President of the United States would hail from either Right-Wing or Left-Wing. In the case of Former President Donald Trump's reign from 2016 – 2020, it was the era of the Republicans. Now (as of 11/10/2021) with the case of the current President Joe Biden, it is the era of the Democrats. In politics, the Law of the Pendulum swings from right to left, and left to right to balance itself out...

I would also consider how Russia, formerly known as USSR, identified itself with left-wing politics until its dissolution in 1991. With the left-wing at its extreme, the right-wing follows suit, and Russia became a republic. Consider how the current left-wing nations (North Korea, China, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba) are still identified with left-wing politics; in the future, the right-wing will follow suit. The law of the pendulum is always in motion.

Now, if we have to create a political party that would last forever, what would it be? If we create a political party on the right, the left will follow suit to balance itself out. Should we create a political party on the left, the right will follow suit to balance itself out. Creating either a left politics or a right politics has no foundation to last forever. All nations are subjected to the rise and fall, like the tides of the ocean.

Now, if we have created a political party that is not left nor right, would it last forever? With the law of pendulum at still point, this political party will be stabilized and will last forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, I establish the political blueprint of the Christian Socialist Party...

But first, we must expose the hidden meaning of socialism. Woe unto those who misuse the word socialism in a heinous way! They misused the etymology of socialism in their fits of communism. How perverse are those who confuse socialism with communism! Their term of socialism is derived from the theory of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was once a religious-fanatic, Jewish Rabbi who wants to establish the religion of Moses by force. His goal was to take away all religious values from humanity and reduce them to cosmic dust.

Socialism has to do with social work. Socialism has to do with devotion or relations with life at home; it also has to do with the unification of all human beings. Socialism is derived from the Latin root: socialis, which is “of companionship, of allies, of unification.” Socialism has nothing to do with religious fanatics nor political fanatics.

No religious fanatics nor political fanatics shall create the Christian Socialist Party. Anyone who creates the Christian Socialist Party in a heinous way or a detriment to humanity is a political fanatic. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party is created to address the very problems that is plaguing humanity for ages. The blueprints of the Christian Socialist Party were established by V.M. Samael Aun Weor in his following books: “The Social Transformation of Humanity”, “The Great Gnostic Manifesto”, “The POSCLA Platform”, and “The Social Christ”.

The first few protocols to the Christian Socialist Party are as follows, yet more protocols will be added in further posts. The first protocol is that the division of rich and poor must end; the Christian Socialist Party seeks to create a classless society. Taxes are a must to society, yet anyone who is rich must be taxed heavily in order not to be rich. Those who are poor are tax-exempt, giving them a chance to undo their poverty. The second protocol is making the immaculate knowledge, known as the Perfect Matrimony, into law and forbidding fornication. Black tantra must be outlawed; white tantra must be put into law. The third protocol is ending the discrimination of races, colors, and creeds. As Samael Aun Weor once said, “All religions are precious jewels on the golden string of divinity.” All religions (or creeds), which have the same source from Gnosis, are tolerated with the promise of freedom to worship. However, any religion that teaches black tantra must be abolished for the benefit of humanity. All colors of humanity must be unified in solidarity. All colors are equal. No one has the right to discriminate against anyone because of their color; this is a crime against humanity. No race is better than the other race. We must not be identified with racial superiority as in the case of Adolf Hilter and his hatred against the Jews. All racial slurs must be outlawed, and anyone who uses racial slurs must be subjected to community service. This brings us to the next (fourth) protocol: jails and prisons. Jail and prisons are obviously the most corrupt places on earth. Sexual problems exist in jails and prisons. Even profane actions and words exist in jails and prisons. No one is corrected in jails and prisons. Prisons and jails must be destroyed and replaced by community service and agricultural work. All details are described in my post called “Jails (please see reference)”. The fifth protocol is that the Decalogue must be observed; these are the primary laws. There will be secondary laws implemented for the benefit of humanity. The laws of the Decalogue are in my post called “The Ten Commandments”. The sixth protocol is there must be freedom and order. Order without freedom is tyranny. Freedom without order is anarchy. Freedom with order is democracy. Therefore the Christian Socialist Party must be a democracy.

The Christian Socialist Party must be a democracy, a free world for all. The powers of the Christian Socialist Party are for the people and by the people. The Christian Socialist Party must not be identified with imperialism nor empiricism. This political party must be established in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, and by the power of Christ. We must establish the Christian Socialist Republic. A president of the Christian Socialist Republic must be a servant to all. A president is akin to a king. The law of kingship defines that kings are here to serve others not to be served.

More protocols for the Christian Socialist Party will follow in later posts. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party must be built by the way of ahimsa. Ahimsa means no violence. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party must have liberty and justice for all...


Post-Scriptum: I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have created and founded a Minds Group that one has the free will to join. It is called the “Christian Socialist Party”. If you wish for others to join the group, do not force them, and neither shall anyone of you force your beliefs unto others; whosoever does so is a black magician. Its statement is as follows: “Welcome to the Christian Socialist Party. It is not far-left nor far-right; it is not a communist party nor a capitalist party. It is a political party that welcomes and protects democracy and religion. It is also the vehicle of social action of the Gnostic Movement. It is also guided in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, and by the power of Christ. Freedom and order exist in the Christian Socialist Party.”

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