The Political Cult

The Political Cult

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am writing this post on the Christian Socialist Manifesto, which this book is written for the benefit of humanity in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the past...

We will establish a political cult in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, and by the power of Christ! The Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief of the White Lodge. This political cult will revolve around the Lord Jesus Christ. We will establish the Social Christ around the world...

Let no one create the Christian Socialist Party that revolves around anyone imperfect! These words were already spoken by Samael Aun Weor; I too will speak the very same words: “It is already too dangerous to simply follow someone imperfect.” This will be one of my testaments given unto you: None of you shall create a Christian Socialist Party that revolves around me! He who creates a Christian Socialist Party that revolves around anyone imperfect is creating the Golden Calf. He who creates the Golden Calf is creating an idol.

Should I find you worshiping me as a personality cult in the Christian Socialist Party, I will either turn my eyes away from you, or I will destroy the very Golden Calf like Moses burned down the Golden Calf! Your singing and dancing around the idol will revolt me should you choose to worship me, and I will forsake you for idolatry! Remember: I am nothing more than a mailman or a courier, delivering unto you the blueprints of the Christian Socialist Party for the benefit of humanity. Please do not follow me, for I am an imperfect being. I am nothing more than a signpost. Instead, reach your own self-realization. This will also be one of my testaments.

Verily I say unto you, no one must create a government that revolves around the cult of personality. Examples of personality cults are China through Mao Zedong and North Korea through Kim Il-Sung. North Korea (I daresay), being one of the worst nations in the entire world, had already built the Golden Calf of the personality cult.

The political cult that the Christian Socialist Party must revolve around is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Chief of the White Lodge.

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