The Two Towers

Behold. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, speak of the two towers. They are twin towers.

The Two Towers are not north nor south. They are east and west.

The Eastern Tower is the brightest tower of them all. Those residing the Eastern tower are true magicians of all times. The true magician is the benefici (Latin pronunciation Ben-e-fi-chi). Within the Eastern Tower, the true magician studies with his intuition. Behold: the Eastern Tower is the White Lodge. Within the environment of the Eastern Tower, is is clean, life-giving, modest, and pure.

The Western Tower is the densest tower of them all. Those residing the Western Tower are true sorcerers of all times. The true sorcerer is the malefici. Within the Western Tower, the true sorcerer studies with his intellect. Behold: the Western Tower is the Black Lodge. Within the environment of the Western Tower, it is polluted, dead-ridden, poisonous, and impure.

These twin towers always oppose one another. There will never be a time of truce or peace treaties between these two towers. It is a never-ending battle between these two towers. The battlefield between these two towers is sex.

The Eastern Tower wants the seminal fluids to go upwards to the heavens. The Western Tower wants the seminal fluids to go downwards towards the atomic infernos. The Eastern Tower requires chastity. The Western Tower demands fornication.

The Eastern Tower always shines like the morning sun, as the sun rises from the East. The Western Tower always falls like the dawn of night, as the sun goes west to set.

Of all the two towers in the worlds, not one humanoid knows that these towers exist, save the benefici and the malefici. If all the humanoids have a choice, they can choose to serve either the Eastern Tower or the Western Tower. Both towers are secret societies.

The path to the White Tower is the Razor's Sharp Edge. The path to the Black Tower is a very easy path to the Second Death, where the wailing and gnashing of teeth are heard.

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