El Greco - Cleansing of the Temple

To Blame Or Not To Blame The Government

Look around you, my friend. You may meet across a few intellectual animals in your path, and the animals speak the only political opinion out of reaction: “The government is to be blamed”, “It is the government at fault. They degenerated us”, or the like. Let us look at the word: government.

Government originated from the Latin and Greek roots: gubernare (to steer, control, govern, direct) and mentos (the mind). Government is to steer or direct the mind.

The word government is a noun; however, it is not a person. In the name of truth, the government is a thing. A thing does not speak, act, or hear as a person would do. The government is a puppet. The ones pulling the strings are those who run the government.

There are politicians in the government. There are good politicians as well as impure politicians. The government itself is indecisive on sides; government is not an ally or an enemy. In the name of truth, the government is a neutral word; it depends on how the government is used. By its usage, it relates to sexual behavior or the fruits of the politicians. Either a politician is a white magician or a black magician. You will know them by their fruits.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the government is not to be blamed for the atrocities against humanity. Not all politicians are wicked; some of them are good people helping others.

There are also politicians that are CEOs, or chief executive officers, of corporations. A CEO of a particular corporation is a merchant. A merchant is an employee who engages in a “business of buying commodities and selling them again for a profit.” A merchant is a representative or an agent on behalf of the corporation.

Behold, it is the merchants that are the driving force of the government. Truly, the government has authority. The state has authority. The mayor has authority. The police have authority. Yet, which authority do these officials exert?

There are two types of authority: self-cognizant and subconscious authority. Unconscious authority is too useless and too worthless to a humane society. It is the unconscious authority that destroys creativity and intelligence. Self-cognizant authority retains creativity and intelligence. Self-cognizant authority is resourceful and useful to a humane society.

If the government truly wants to save society, then they must expel the merchants from the temple with the whip of willpower. This is called Cleansing of the Temple from John 2:13-16.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am not against government and authority. The only type of authority I am against is the authority by the whims of the Black Lodge. Any tyrannical politician must abdicate and be expelled from the government and be replaced by the one willing to serve humanity. What we really need is democracy. Be warned:

Order without freedom is tyranny. Freedom without order is anarchy. Freedom with order is democracy. Anarchy and tyranny are two poles that we must avoid (https://juanmiriethauriel.writeas.com/the-three-paths). We must sit in the middle of order and freedom. To destroy the government is not how we create a peaceful society; this is violence. Only through Ahimsa will the obsolete government be destroyed and be replaced by a new government, allowing peace to freely reign the world. Consider what Albert Einstein said about authority: “A foolish faith in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Actually, foolish faith in unconscious authority is the greatest enemy of truth. What if a wise faith in self-cognizant authority is the greatest ally of truth? Wisely submitting oneself to the divine authority of Yah-Hovah is the powerful ally of truth. Those who exert unconscious authority will precipitate themselves to the Abyss.

The government is not our enemy nor an ally. The government is neutral, which is why we must not blame the government for the atrocities against humanity. It is by the fruits of the politicians that they utilize government to exert their power over the people.

If you were fighting against tyranny and injustice, you would be fighting against the tenebrous ones from the Black Lodge, not the government or nation. If in the case of anarchy, you would be fighting against the forces of lawlessness...


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