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El Greco - Cleansing of the Temple

To Blame Or Not To Blame The Government

Look around you, my friend. You may meet across a few intellectual animals in your path, and the animals speak the only political opinion out of reaction: “The government is to be blamed”, “It is the government at fault. They degenerated us”, or the like. Let us look at the word: government.

Government originated from the Latin and Greek roots: gubernare (to steer, control, govern, direct) and mentos (the mind). Government is to steer or direct the mind.

The word government is a noun; however, it is not a person. In the name of truth, the government is a thing. A thing does not speak, act, or hear as a person would do. The government is a puppet. The ones pulling the strings are those who run the government.

There are politicians in the government. There are good politicians as well as impure politicians. The government itself is indecisive on sides; government is not an ally or an enemy. In the name of truth, the government is a neutral word; it depends on how the government is used. By its usage, it relates to sexual behavior or the fruits of the politicians. Either a politician is a white magician or a black magician. You will know them by their fruits.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the government is not to be blamed for the atrocities against humanity. Not all politicians are wicked; some of them are good people helping others.

There are also politicians that are CEOs, or chief executive officers, of corporations. A CEO of a particular corporation is a merchant. A merchant is an employee who engages in a “business of buying commodities and selling them again for a profit.” A merchant is a representative or an agent on behalf of the corporation.

Behold, it is the merchants that are the driving force of the government. Truly, the government has authority. The state has authority. The mayor has authority. The police have authority. Yet, which authority do these officials exert?

There are two types of authority: self-cognizant and subconscious authority. Unconscious authority is too useless and too worthless to a humane society. It is the unconscious authority that destroys creativity and intelligence. Self-cognizant authority retains creativity and intelligence. Self-cognizant authority is resourceful and useful to a humane society.

If the government truly wants to save society, then they must expel the merchants from the temple with the whip of willpower. This is called Cleansing of the Temple from John 2:13-16.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am not against government and authority. The only type of authority I am against is the authority by the whims of the Black Lodge. Any tyrannical politician must abdicate and be expelled from the government and be replaced by the one willing to serve humanity. What we really need is democracy. Be warned:

Order without freedom is tyranny. Freedom without order is anarchy. Freedom with order is democracy. Anarchy and tyranny are two poles that we must avoid (https://juanmiriethauriel.writeas.com/the-three-paths). We must sit in the middle of order and freedom. To destroy the government is not how we create a peaceful society; this is violence. Only through Ahimsa will the obsolete government be destroyed and be replaced by a new government, allowing peace to freely reign the world. Consider what Albert Einstein said about authority: “A foolish faith in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Actually, foolish faith in unconscious authority is the greatest enemy of truth. What if a wise faith in self-cognizant authority is the greatest ally of truth? Wisely submitting oneself to the divine authority of Yah-Hovah is the powerful ally of truth. Those who exert unconscious authority will precipitate themselves to the Abyss.

The government is not our enemy nor an ally. The government is neutral, which is why we must not blame the government for the atrocities against humanity. It is by the fruits of the politicians that they utilize government to exert their power over the people.

If you were fighting against tyranny and injustice, you would be fighting against the tenebrous ones from the Black Lodge, not the government or nation. If in the case of anarchy, you would be fighting against the forces of lawlessness...


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Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech

It is urgent to control how we speak or post in the open, especially in the public. The same is said for Freedom of Speech. Yet...

What is the freedom of speech, ladies and gentlemen? Freedom of Speech is “the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference (thefreedictionary.com).” Freedom of Speech is also known as free speech.

As I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, had revealed to you from my last posts “To Blame or Not To Blame The Government” and “The Dangers and Deception of Democracy”, freedom of speech is anarchy. I also have told you that freedom without order is anarchy. However, order with no freedom is tyranny. The opposite of free speech is censorship. When there is too much censorship, there is always tyranny.

If you were on this website or any other Gnostic Website, you will notice that freedom of speech does not exist here. The same is said for the Christian Socialist Party. The same is also said for private homes, churches, mosques, and temples alike. This law is made to protect our fellow brethren from negative infections caused by grouchy people. This does not really mean that everything that you say will be censored.

What I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am really saying is that one does have the right to speak freely, yet with caution, humbleness, and respect. You are not however free to speak as you please. You can ask me any questions or point out any technical issue from Minds.com or tumblr.com, and I will respond to you in a possible, timely manner. You have the right to comment on any compliments, and I will respond with gratitude unto you. I do however reserve the right to censor anything you say which creates an unsafe environment for our brethren readers. If you were in minds.com and tumblr.com, I work as a moderator to fish out anyone proven with the intent to spread an unsafe infection for our fellow readers.

Here are the common examples that I check for any signs of negative infections:

I) Derogatory Comments – any user who posts derogatory comments, intended to destroy or ruin the reputation of the original author. Derogatory comments can be name-calling, hate speech, racism, etc.

II) Naughty Language – any user who deliberately uses naughty language (a fornicating word) in the comment box after posting an article.

III) Intellectual Animal Superiority – any user that self-declares that he is always right and never wrong. The reality is that no one is always right, including me. I am known to make mistakes at times without realizing them. We are all imperfect. Your Innermost however is always right.

IV) Obstruction of Exercise of Religion – any user that commits the crime of obstructing the exercise of religion. Obstruction of the exercise of religion is a felony. The exercise of religion is helping others liberate themselves from the pains and sufferings of all the world and to reach self-realization.

V) Breach of Anonymity – any users who ask the original author, who has the right to remain anonymous, any personal questions (legal name, date-of-birth, social security number, address, location, etc.) with the intent to betrayal and breach his anonymity.

VI) Violence – any user who posts comments intended to cause harm, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. Violence may not be limited to extortion, terrorism, blackmailing, embezzlement, etc.

VII) Conspiracy theories – any user who creates a theory with the intent to seek a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act. It is also another word for “the belief that a government or an organization is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained, especially when any such involvement is denied.”

VIII) Black or Grey Magic – any user who posts grey or black tantra on my comment block as means of counter-intelligence against what I impart unto you. It is generally a felony. It also includes pornography.

IX) Gossiping – anyone who talks idly about the author. Idly itself relates to slander, disrespect, carelessness, foolishness, etc...

X) Disciplinary dictation – a misdemeanor in which a user commands or tells, with a disciplinary behavior, the author what to do.

XI) Personality – anyone posting comments which promote personality or promoting egos. As V.M. Samael Aun Weor stated: “Personality totally ruins esoteric organizations.”

XII) Criminal Activity – anyone posting, promoting, or conspiring to encourage illegal or unlawful activities. It is not limited to the following: illegal drug trafficking or dealing, human trafficking, murder, tax evasion, violence, etc.

These twelves things listed above are not and will not be tolerated. Here are the following consequences that will be taken in order once I catch you doing any or all of these twelve things above. On minds.com, any misdemeanor comments or posts that create an unsafe environment will be promptly deleted leading up to censorship. However, anyone who posts pornography (not limited to recommending fornication) on my comments section is committing a felony. Whosoever posts conspiracies to perform illegal or unlawful activities will be treated as a felony comment or post. These people will be reported leading up to persecution to the fullest of the law.

So, freedom of speech does not exist in private homes, churches, mosques, or temples. Free speech also does not exist on my blogs and my social media. In order to promote democracy unto the world, we will have freedom and order by the will of the Innermost.





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The Real Definition of Archaeology

#Archaeology #Archaeologist #Verb #Logos #Word #Ancient

Archaeology is the Verb of the Ancients. The Verb itself is the Logos, which is the Word. John, the disciple of Jesus Christ, represents the Verb, or the Word/Logos. So Logos is Greek for the Word. This is why that John 1:1 says: “In the beginning was the Verb, and the Verb was with Theos/Elohim, and the Verb was Theos/Elohim.” The ancients represented the Greek Word Archaeos. Archaeos is the Ancients (either people, civilizations, or things). As a result, Archaeology is the Word of the Ancients.

An archaeologist is an individual who studies or looks into the Verb of the Ancients. A real archaeologist has the intuitive ability to deduce the ancient ones.

Egipto Art

The ancient ones (whether it is an ancient artifact, people, civilization, etc.) are a cloak to the physical senses. A cloak is veiled before your own eyes; the cloak is a garment. As a real archaeologist, you have to intuitively interpret the cloak non-linearly. Those who interpret the Ancient Ones literally will never fully understand the Ancient Ones. Only an instructed and intuitive archaeologist sees not merely the cloak, yet what the cloak covers. So, archaeology is the studying of the cloak that the Ancients left behind.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, would like to create a new word: verbly. Verbly almost sounds like verbally. To verb is to speak. To verb is to harken. To verb is to say. To verb is to cast the Logos. Verbly is an adverb for “by the way of the Logos/Word/Verb.” If you would like to comprehend the ancient language before the construction of the Tower of Babel, this ancient language that I speak of is the Golden Language or the Language of Light. The Golden Language is only acquired by awakening the fifth church or the fifth chakra. The only key to awakening the fifth church through acquiring the Golden Language is through the continuous practice of immaculate knowledge between man and wife. You would like plenty of materials covered about immaculate knowledge in Gnostic schools, websites, and especially this website.

In the field of archaeology, he does not use intellectual theories, beliefs, and dreams about archeology, for archaeology has nothing to do with theories and beliefs. He always uses a practical and investigative approach in archeology to comprehend the word of the ancients. Truly archeology is associated with ancient history. If you would like to comprehend practicality, you are free to visit Gnostic websites (see reference below), or you have the option to read my posts on juanmiriethauriel.write.as. If you want to know the truth, you must follow your Innermost (Yah-Hovah Elohim, Allah, etc.)

If you want to visit the museum, this is fine. Honing the intuitive skills of archaeology by taking on the practical approach while visiting the museum also works. Intuitively listen and study the Verb of the Ancient Ones, and this is how one is a real archaeologist.




Recommended Websites to visit:


https://samaelaunweor.org (for non-Spanish speakers, use an extension “Google Translate” to translate to your native language)






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The Christian Socialist Party

The Christian Socialist Party

For once, I (Juan Mirieth Auriel) consider that capitalism and communism are enemies of humanity...

I consider that capitalism and communism are bipartisan parties...

Consider how right-wing and left-wing parties are two extremes according to the Law of the Pendulum. Right-wing is capitalism, and Left-wing is communism...

If one lives in the United States, Right-Wing is Republicans, and Left-Wing is Democrats. Any President of the United States would hail from either Right-Wing or Left-Wing. In the case of Former President Donald Trump's reign from 2016 – 2020, it was the era of the Republicans. Now (as of 11/10/2021) with the case of the current President Joe Biden, it is the era of the Democrats. In politics, the Law of the Pendulum swings from right to left, and left to right to balance itself out...

I would also consider how Russia, formerly known as USSR, identified itself with left-wing politics until its dissolution in 1991. With the left-wing at its extreme, the right-wing follows suit, and Russia became a republic. Consider how the current left-wing nations (North Korea, China, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba) are still identified with left-wing politics; in the future, the right-wing will follow suit. The law of the pendulum is always in motion.

Now, if we have to create a political party that would last forever, what would it be? If we create a political party on the right, the left will follow suit to balance itself out. Should we create a political party on the left, the right will follow suit to balance itself out. Creating either a left politics or a right politics has no foundation to last forever. All nations are subjected to the rise and fall, like the tides of the ocean.

Now, if we have created a political party that is not left nor right, would it last forever? With the law of pendulum at still point, this political party will be stabilized and will last forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, I establish the political blueprint of the Christian Socialist Party...

But first, we must expose the hidden meaning of socialism. Woe unto those who misuse the word socialism in a heinous way! They misused the etymology of socialism in their fits of communism. How perverse are those who confuse socialism with communism! Their term of socialism is derived from the theory of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was once a religious-fanatic, Jewish Rabbi who wants to establish the religion of Moses by force. His goal was to take away all religious values from humanity and reduce them to cosmic dust.

Socialism has to do with social work. Socialism has to do with devotion or relations with life at home; it also has to do with the unification of all human beings. Socialism is derived from the Latin root: socialis, which is “of companionship, of allies, of unification.” Socialism has nothing to do with religious fanatics nor political fanatics.

No religious fanatics nor political fanatics shall create the Christian Socialist Party. Anyone who creates the Christian Socialist Party in a heinous way or a detriment to humanity is a political fanatic. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party is created to address the very problems that is plaguing humanity for ages. The blueprints of the Christian Socialist Party were established by V.M. Samael Aun Weor in his following books: “The Social Transformation of Humanity”, “The Great Gnostic Manifesto”, “The POSCLA Platform”, and “The Social Christ”.

The first few protocols to the Christian Socialist Party are as follows, yet more protocols will be added in further posts. The first protocol is that the division of rich and poor must end; the Christian Socialist Party seeks to create a classless society. Taxes are a must to society, yet anyone who is rich must be taxed heavily in order not to be rich. Those who are poor are tax-exempt, giving them a chance to undo their poverty. The second protocol is making the immaculate knowledge, known as the Perfect Matrimony, into law and forbidding fornication. Black tantra must be outlawed; white tantra must be put into law. The third protocol is ending the discrimination of races, colors, and creeds. As Samael Aun Weor once said, “All religions are precious jewels on the golden string of divinity.” All religions (or creeds), which have the same source from Gnosis, are tolerated with the promise of freedom to worship. However, any religion that teaches black tantra must be abolished for the benefit of humanity. All colors of humanity must be unified in solidarity. All colors are equal. No one has the right to discriminate against anyone because of their color; this is a crime against humanity. No race is better than the other race. We must not be identified with racial superiority as in the case of Adolf Hilter and his hatred against the Jews. All racial slurs must be outlawed, and anyone who uses racial slurs must be subjected to community service. This brings us to the next (fourth) protocol: jails and prisons. Jail and prisons are obviously the most corrupt places on earth. Sexual problems exist in jails and prisons. Even profane actions and words exist in jails and prisons. No one is corrected in jails and prisons. Prisons and jails must be destroyed and replaced by community service and agricultural work. All details are described in my post called “Jails (please see reference)”. The fifth protocol is that the Decalogue must be observed; these are the primary laws. There will be secondary laws implemented for the benefit of humanity. The laws of the Decalogue are in my post called “The Ten Commandments”. The sixth protocol is there must be freedom and order. Order without freedom is tyranny. Freedom without order is anarchy. Freedom with order is democracy. Therefore the Christian Socialist Party must be a democracy.

The Christian Socialist Party must be a democracy, a free world for all. The powers of the Christian Socialist Party are for the people and by the people. The Christian Socialist Party must not be identified with imperialism nor empiricism. This political party must be established in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, and by the power of Christ. We must establish the Christian Socialist Republic. A president of the Christian Socialist Republic must be a servant to all. A president is akin to a king. The law of kingship defines that kings are here to serve others not to be served.

More protocols for the Christian Socialist Party will follow in later posts. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party must be built by the way of ahimsa. Ahimsa means no violence. Remember: the Christian Socialist Party must have liberty and justice for all...




Post-Scriptum: I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have created and founded a Minds Group that one has the free will to join. It is called the “Christian Socialist Party”. If you wish for others to join the group, do not force them, and neither shall anyone of you force your beliefs unto others; whosoever does so is a black magician. Its statement is as follows: “Welcome to the Christian Socialist Party. It is not far-left nor far-right; it is not a communist party nor a capitalist party. It is a political party that welcomes and protects democracy and religion. It is also the vehicle of social action of the Gnostic Movement. It is also guided in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, and by the power of Christ. Freedom and order exist in the Christian Socialist Party.”

The link to the group is included here:


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The Three Tantras

The Three Tantras

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to discuss the three tantras or three magics that we know today.

They are Black Magic, Grey Magic, and White Magic. Black magic is to black tantra. Grey magic is to grey tantra. White magic is to white tantra.

Black Magic, or black tantra, teaches one to perform copulation in order to spill the seed through orgasm. Black magic itself is carnal knowledge. To spill the seed means to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Impurity. Another word for spilling the divine seed through orgasm is fornication.

To fornicate does show in the dictionary to have sexual intercourse between two people who are not married; however in secret, to fornicate is to spill the seed through the orgasm. I will emphasize a lot throughout my posts that whoever recommends fornication is a Black Magician. Black Magic is responsible for all the suffering in this world. Fornication will also put the consciousness into eternal sleep. With black tantra, one awakens negatively. To awaken negatively is to awaken the kundabuffer organ. Whosoever awakens negatively becomes a demon...

Gray Magic, or gray tantra, teaches that one should spill the seed occasionally. Whenever one recommends fornication occasionally is still classified as a sorcerer. It is fornication that gives birth to sexual desire. As a result, Grey Tantra will inevitably lead one to black tantra.

White Magic, or white tantra, teaches you only three factors: to deny yourself, take up the cross, and follow Christ. To deny yourself is to deny yourself of all psychological aggregates that cause problems around the world. To deny yourself is also to psychologically die. It is urgent to (psychologically) die from moment to moment in order to live. He must live to die, yet he must die in order to live. To take up the cross is to practice the sexual alchemy between man and wife. Male and female create the holy cross; the male is the vertical line, and the female is the horizontal line. Sexual alchemy itself is immaculate knowledge. The clue to immaculate knowledge is the following: “Insert the virile member into the vagina, and withdraw it without fornicating.” Both man and woman must practice immaculate knowledge daily in order to awaken the Kundalini. To follow Christ is to sacrifice for others. The sacrifice is the altruistic service unto humanity. The sacrifice for others is to renounce one's self-interest for the benefit of others. The sacrifice unto others is the duty of a king or queen of nature. The key of white tantra is to be born, to die, and to sacrifice the self for others. That is all...

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Clash Of The Demons

Clash Of The Demons

None of you shall invoke demons since it is already too dangerous...

Demons are entities that spill their divine seed through the orgasm and recommend this perverse crime unto their followers...

Demons do not repent for their blasphemies against the Holy Spirit...

Demons terribly recommend black tantra and Satanic eroticism...

Demons have the mark of the beast on their heads...

Demons have horns on their foreheads...

Demons have tails representing the kundabuffer organ awakened by their practices of black tantra...

From within and without, demons are known to sexually attack people with violence and hate...

Their hate is their anger...

Demons are violators of the law of free will...

Demons are sorcerers of the Black Lodge...

Sorcerers themselves are black magicians...

Demons frantically follow Yahweh, their Chief of the Black Lodge...

For the one who says: “Hail to Christ! Down with Yahweh!”, these perverse ones will attack this individual with their wrath and violence because they follow Yahweh...

The infernal star attracts sorcerers...

None of these demons are intelligently underestimated. They are known to have sly and sharp intellects...

Demons are known to cleverly disguise themselves as holy beings or angels...

Even Yahweh, who is Satan, is known to disguise himself as an angel...

You will know demons by their fruit...

Once you hear the words that anyone recommending fornication unto people, you will know that he is a demon...

It is said that evil is never driven away by evil. Violence only begets violence. Only goodness will drive away evil...

These perverse ones are only driven away by the proper use of prayer...

The conjuration of the four or the conjuration of the seven are examples that drive demons away...

The superior star drives away demons...

Demons are truly afraid of the flaming sword, given unto man by his priestess-spouse...

Demons also morally hate the Perfect Matrimony and the immaculate knowledge...

Demons are known to use any means necessary to impede and circumvent the Perfect Matrimony from occurring...

Only the Holy Cross by man and wife will drive the terribly perverse ones away...

Fortunately, demons who do not sexually repent will be subjected to arrive at the Second Death...

Now you know the fruits of a demon...

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Earth destroyed by fire

The Real Cause of Global Pollution


Global pollution is everywhere...

It is affecting the entire world visibly and invisibly...

It is extremely contagious against us...

The aggregating pollution dominates the four elements...

As for the outside, so is the inside...

The iron horses (cars, vans, and trucks) are overrunning the population of animals very rapidly...

The population is booming to one side of the pendulum. When there is population growth, there must also be population decline in order to restore the balance...

toxic waste

The Solution?

Recycling and Reuse may solve most of the problems with global pollution. Electric and hybrid cars/trucks/vans may also solve most of the problems with global pollution. Yet this is not the permanent solution.

Behold the global warming; there are those who are planning to counteract this global warming by cooling the Earth. They believe that global warming contributes to pollution; however, global cooling is also not the permanent solution.

All of you are going to ask me (Juan Mirieth Auriel): The Real Solution?

The real solution is never going to be easy to accept: There is only one solution. This is obviously the most difficult path to choose. The choice you make will be entirely up to you.

The only cause of global pollution is our sin of fornication or blasphemy against the Holy Spirit...

The first solution in cleaning up the pollution is the following: you must renounce the orgasm (fornication) forever and perform the Arcanum A.Z.F. with your spouse. The Arcanum A.Z.F. is the immaculate sexual alchemy which you must perform with your spouse. The definition of the Arcanum A.Z.F. goes by the following: Insert the virile member (phallus) into the vagina (uterus) and withdraw it without spilling the seed to orgasm. This sacred, sexual act must be performed slowly, softly, and peacefully. Both couples must control and conquer the tempting serpent of Eve. To conquer and control the tempting serpent is very difficult and requires great willpower to control it. This solution is exceedingly difficult, yet it is the narrow path that leads to everlasting life.

With respect to the Arcanum A.Z.F., it is urgent to advocate for conception control. Conception control is fertility control. We must not advocate birth control because it is the regulation of the number of children are born. Abortion will never be advocated because it is murder. Abortion is the sterilization of an unborn child within the woman's womb. To sterilize an unborn child is a crime to the child. Sexual offenders of the society, which we will politically call the Christian Socialist Party, (under impartial and proven evidence) will undergo X-ray sterilization in order not to reproduce children of devils. Sexual offenders who repent are allowed to procreate with their respective spouses to build their souls yet they cannot procreate physical children.

As mentioned in my last post called “Procreation”, I urge you not to procreate children, instead procreate your soul. The Arcanum A.Z.F. does not fill the couples' lives with children when properly performed. If fertilization control is implemented into law, we will control the human population around the world. We must make the Arcanum A.Z.F. into law and never a crime. It is absurd to make the Arcanum A.Z.F. against the law. By implementing fertilization control, we will restore balance around the world.

This is how we will reduce global pollution, ladies and gentlemen...

May balance and harmony be restored upon the whole world!

Please see also:




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A jail is a prison system “supposedly” designed to correct delinquents, or do they?

A jail is a prison or slavery if you like to call it...

A jail can range from a police jail to a maximum-security prison...

Originally, a prison is designed to correct the behavior of the delinquents...

Nowadays, the prison system no longer has any use for society...

Whenever the prison system, designed by the humanoids as a correctional method, is investigated, it is concluded that the prison system is a complete failure and already worthless...

No delinquent has been corrected in prisons...

We now conclude that jails are places of corruption...

People, which may include innocent people, who have landed themselves in prisons will obviously turn into criminality...

It is obvious that in jails only immodest and profane words are spoken...

It is also obvious that in jails there are sexual problems and fornication is not the only problem. All sexual perversities exist in prisons...

Because jails and prisons are obviously corrupt and worthless, it is now obsolete to correct evil with evil. To correct evil with evil will only increase evil not good. The only way to correct evil is with goodness; that is all...

It is impossible to pay off debt with debt, only credit will pay off debt. Credit is the labor, works, and sacrifices for others that accumulate wealth...

Obviously, another problem arising in jails or prisons is the privacy-invasive eyes of the jailors. Yes, those who search for security under their origin of fear. The jailors are the prison guards...

All jails and prisons must be destroyed and be replaced with agricultural fields, where the inmate is given land to cultivate and a house with his wife and children to live in in order to avoid sexual problems in jails. Another method to destroy jails and prisons is to perform community service. Every inmate must have a savings bank account, and thus when he is released, he will have money to work and make a living. All prison guards, or jailors, must be laid off and be replaced by electric wires of high tension around the agricultural fields.

All of the outlines of social reforms are detailed in Samael Aun Weor's book, The Secret Notes of the Guru, in which he wrote in jail during March 14-19, 1952 for “offending the public and healing the ill”...

In par with the social transformation of humanity through the Christian Socialist Project, all jails and prisons must be destroyed and be replaced with agricultural fields and/or community services. All inmates should have a savings bank account in order to reintegrate into society upon release...

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, had a dream where I was arrested by police and transported to a municipal jail. Upon arriving at the municipal jail, the jailor began the “processing” unto innates arriving at the jail for their crimes. The jailor, using a piece of paper to read the instruction, began imposing the steps unto inmates. After the second step was imposed, I physically woke up. To my amazement upon interpreting this dream, I would be arrested but never punished because of the sinners. I would face persecution but never face punishment because of the sinners. No righteous ones will be punished because of sinners; they will be delivered from the perverse ones...

Jails and prisons have no place of existence in a peaceful, humane society. It is impossible to correct evil with evil; only goodness has the potential to correct evil...




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Bouguereau - First Kiss (1890)

Thou Shalt Love Thy Spouse

Thou shalt love‬ your spouse with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might...

You must impersonally grow very close to your spouse more than all others...

You must love your spouse more than all others...

He who wants to transform himself into an infallible god has to adore the spouse...

If Ahava and faithfulness are not found within the couple, Matrimony and Sexual Alchemy are useless, and they will not be able to be Christians (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindi, Jews, etc.)...

Consider this passage:

“Such a woman was Mary Magdalene, a companion of the Son. The Lord loved her more than He loved all other disciples and often kissed her on her mouth.” – Gospel of Phillip 55

The companion/spouse of the Lord Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene symbolizes Venus. The Lord Jesus Christ loved Mary Magdalene more than all others (including the Disciples).

Please see also:


There is only one spouse in this passage. Only one spouse (no more and no less) is required to awaken the Kundalini and to return to the Garden of Eden. A spouse is also required to give birth “internally” to Jesus Christ by means of Sexual Alchemy.

“Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” – John 3:5-6

You must be born of fire and water; otherwise, you cannot go to heaven. Another name for being born of fire and water is Moshe (‫(משה‬, or Moses.

Polygamy is forbidden. A man with more than one spouse cannot awaken the Kundalini. It is called adultery. A man who commits polygamy is not faithful to one spouse. It is virtually impossible to fully love more than one spouse. You will not be able to receive the true teachings of the Perfect Matrimony by practicing polygamy.

Also, consider this passage:

“He that loveth father or mother more than me (Jesus Christ) is not worthy of me (to be a Christian): and he that loveth son or daughter more than me (Jesus Christ) is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross (sexual alchemy), and followeth after me (Jesus Christ), is not worthy of me (to be a Christian). He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake (for the sake of Jesus Christ) shall find it (everlasting life).” – Matthew 10:37-39

Whosoever loves his parents and/or family more than Jesus Christ is not worthy to be a Christian. Whosoever fails to take up the cross of sexual alchemy is also not worthy to be a Christian.

As a result, whoever loves his spouse more than anyone else and takes up the cross of sexual alchemy is worthy to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Upon meeting your spouse:

You must be faithful unto your spouse at all times...

You must be fully open to your spouse at all times...

You must fully love your spouse at all times...

Following these steps will Christify you and your spouse...

Image Reference:

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe. Amor and Psyche, children. 1890. Private Collection

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The Matrimonial Bed

The Matrimonial Bed

The Matrimonial Bed is the bed that boyfriend and girlfriend, or man and wife, sleep together. Yes, both boyfriend and girlfriend must sleep together. This is the next step after meeting one's Elohim-given spouse. Instead of saying: “Let us get (legally) married together”, we, boyfriend and girlfriend, ought to say: “Let us sleep together.”

It is man and woman which form the holy cross. The Matrimonial Bed is the bed of the Divine Mother Kundalini. She is the matron of chastity, perfect matrimony, immaculate sexuality, virginity, and immaculate knowledge.

Here are the instructions for the matrimonial bed:

You can choose either a queen-sized bed (representing the Divine Mother Kundalini) or a king-sized bed (representing the Lord Jesus Christ). Behold the White Queen and the White King (if you were playing chess)! You cannot go smaller than a queen-sized bed because you and your wife must sleep together. You must also be physically, modestly, and chastely accustomed to sleeping with your priestess-spouse, if you and your priestess-spouse were preparing for the immaculate sexual magic. Man and wife must sleep together in order to form the holy cross.

The Matrimonial bed must have its head facing towards the magnetic north. Whenever the head is aligned with the magnetic field going northwards, this enables one to astral project or to place their bodies into the Jinn State.

The bed does not have to be too expensive. It can be affordable when made of metal. You can also choose a wooden bed if you like. You can choose any type of material that suits you the most. Its color can be bronze, like the Bronze Serpent of Moses (Moshe). It's also up to you to decide the color of your bedsheets, pillowcases, comforters, etc. More preferably: yellow, red, and blue represent the colors of the Divine Trinity, enabling astral projection or placing their bodies into the Jinn state.

“Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” – Hebrews 13:4

It is your job to keep the bed clean against all forms of sexual emissions. You and your spouse must not fornicate; that is the law. Keep the holy and sacred, matrimonial bed clean from all impurities. You must wash the whole sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and comforters in heavy-duty water. May no matrimonial bed be defiled by the mark of fornication!


Optionally and the most recommended of all, one can place the superior star on the head of the bed to keep all forces of black magicians away from you (such as the one above). You can also speak the mantras by the following with your sword or with your willpower the superior star: “Helion Melion Tetragrammaton!” This is called the circle of protection.

sleeping with your spouse

To sleep with your spouse is very difficult. It requires great willpower to sleep with your spouse. Remember: true love is brought in the matrimonial bed by man and woman. Lust and fornication must be banished from the matrimonial bed through awareness and comprehension! Slowly and steadily must man and woman be physically accustomed to sleeping together. Sleeping in separate beds for the first three months is recommended for matrimonial starters yet none must sexually connect with each other.

Upon sleeping together as man and woman, both man and woman must be modest, pure, and chaste by their vesture. The White Lodge is very demanding on modesty, purity, and chastity.

Once the physical adaptation of man and woman sleeping separate becomes successful, man (as the yogi) sleeps with the woman (as the yogini) on his right for the next three months. None must sexually connect during the physical adaptation. After the three months, the man sleeps with the woman on his left for the next three months; none must sexually connect during the last three months. The preparation is very difficult. Through rites, meditation, rune, and consciousness awakening, it is always difficult. Slowly and safely, the body must be prepared for White Tantra. Marriages are serious, committing, and loving. Marriages are never taken very lightly; once you are married to your spouse, there is no turning back nor you shall put asunder.

After these nine months shall man and woman perform the immaculate knowledge (the Golden Alchemy) while keeping the matrimonial bed clean. The length that man and woman must sexually connect in the Perfect Matrimony is at least nine months. Once the marriage is performed, this marriage is permanent and irreversible.

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